How We Built & Destroyed Our 6 Figure Blogging Business?

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I was of those who thought it was easy to fool Google.

I thought it’s easy to game them and make loads of cash for long run without letting them know about the loophole.

I was wrong.

We had our company making 6 figures – destroyed, miserably, over night.

Here’s what happened…

We were group of people having sites with as high as 300k/day organic visitors. The user base we had was massive.

At first the revenue generation model was pretty simple – we used to use ad networks like PopCash, PopAds which used to make a decent figure but we always thought it was not worth to have such income.

We decided to serve ads through Google AdSense, however, the niches we were working on wasn’t a niche where AdSense ads could have been served directly.

So we built several sites to serve ads through iFraming.

Each of those sites has nice set of articles, well setup, and looks a proper blog. No fishy stuff there.

We started running AdSense ads. And, luckily for us, it was an instant jackpot.

We started generating as high as $3000-4000/day.

Life was super fun, wake up late at 1 PM, and see already $1.5k made so far.

Bishal Biswas Blogging Earning Income Report

It was all well and good.

In the first month – Feb, 2016 – of monetising we had around $75k USD generated. Followed by more 2 months it worked out really well we got paid each of the time.

But then there was a sign of destruction.

With ads jacking it wasn’t possible for our users to navigate the site, because of this users were bouncing back to Google which is why we started facing slow drops in our stats.

So we decided to manipulate a bit more of the Google AdSense ads code and turn it into a pop under ad which work this way –

User comes -> clicks anywhere -> Google Adsense ads load silently on the background -> the content gets accessible. And user would be able to navigate the site properly.

We had 3 badass developer in our team so we got working script in a week.

We ran it and things were up again, but on 2nd May, 2016 – the payment finalisation date – we totally shocked by what we saw there in our AdSense accounts.


We didn’t knew what really happened there.

All we could possibly think was it was just due to opening ads in new tab. Maybe Google counted the traffic source as “rel=target_blank” or can be another reason of that.

So we again got our developers work in a new way of manipulation of the ads.

This time we framed the ads into a button that floats. We masked the button like if it was a real download button.

With CTR of 4-5% we were generating around $1k/day – and, we were ok with it.

Bishal Biswas Income Earning

But thing was we were violating way lot of Google AdSense TOS. iFraming, manipulating ads code, jacking ads – whatever we were doing was all against Google’s policy.

We thought we were smarter than that big ass and our so-called manipulative structure won’t be ever figured out.

But, NO, one day as  I woke and scrolled through my AdSense app and saw 3 accounts banned that totalling around $15k USD loss.

Bishal Biswas AdSense Accounts

*Another big mistake committed was having all accs in the AdSense app which was a big footprint.


We were still fine, since we were managing few dozen of accounts together.

On 15th May, 2016 on a series 24 accounts got banned. We lost tens of thousand dollar overnight. Things were going wrong.

Google was keeping a close track on our IPs – that’s what all we knew.

We stopped taking pin verified AdSense accounts from our providers for it was costing us a lot on buying all these, we decided to run ads on non-verified accounts for we were loosing lot of money and getting them verified on 18th of every month before payment release date – this is what we planned.

But that was simply another no-brainer stuff we did and again we suffered huge losses for it was way too fishy for anyone to see thousands of dollars rolling with unethical stuffs and that too in a non-verified account.

Another series of accounts got banned on 5th April, 2016.

Bishal Biswas Adsense accounts ban

We had no idea of what to do. The losses we faced in past two month exceeds over $100k USD.

We decided no longer to use AdSense and manipulate other ad networks but those too didn’t worked out well.

I had enough of unethical, short term stuffs.

I step back from the team and started this blog with a long term goal to help people start, grow, and make money from their site.

Making money is never a problem, since the day I left I’m giving my 10x to grow this blog to one of the largest blogging website.

It’s 9:40 AM here while I am writing this, yet to sleep, working hell lot for am totally focused on what’s next.

This time, I’m to roll the real digits.


“Focus on what would make you money on long term without you having to worry of getting it destroyed”.

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Written by Bishal Biswas


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