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Do you love puzzle games? Well I don’t but still I decided to take a look at the new arcade BusterMcThundersticks Unblocked game because it had something to do with ninjas and my experience tells me even the mere mention of ninjas can make any game awesome. From the moment I started playing BusterMcThundersticks Hacked Unblocked Game I couldn’t stop. It is completely different from any other puzzle games that you have played, keep reading to find out why.

Play BusterMcThundersticks Unblocked


All You Need to Know About BusterMcThundersticks Online Game

BusterMcThundersticks unblocked is a puzzle game but unlike any other puzzle game, you do not have all the clues in your sight, you have to dig really deep because in this game you will find clues for the next move in places you least expect.

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I never thought puzzle games can be so interesting because usually puzzle games are very boring, we have to read papers and half written text and everything which makes us feel like stupid but BusterMcThundersticks unblocked game is actually a very interactive experience. I got stuck several times because the game is so tricky and usually leave the game when things begin to get complicated but with this game you can have the fun of playing a real arcade with exercising your mind at the same time.

The game is hard to solve, I’ll have to give it that, it’s damn near impossible if you do not have a creative imagination. I got stuck many times but finally solved it on my own even when it took me way more time than it should have and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you solve it on your own is great. I would recommend you to solve the game by yourself as much as you can but if you get stuck at any point, feel free to check out the walkthrough of the BusterMcThundersticks unblocked that we have provided below.

BusterMcThundersticks Game Walkthrough

You start at the red room and when you move around you will figure out what to do. Click on the hiding ninjas wherever you see them and move around everything you can to look for more hiding ninjas.

After that go to the yellow room on the same level and see the written numbers, they are the instructions to set the time in the clock.

When you set the time in the clock, you will get the pattern you need to set in the yellow room. This will unlock the upper level. Now clues from one room will lead to another and you will be able to solve the game pretty quickly.

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Thank you for playing the BusterMcThundersticks unblocked game on our website, this is the newest and most exiting puzzle arcade online game that is gaining popularity day by day.

If you manage to solve it on your own, consider yourself smarter than 80% humans.

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