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Play the Dale & Peakot unblocked game on your computer, the newest arcade game with amazing storyline from anywhere when your want something interesting to do with your time. You will love Dale & Peakot unblocked hacked game if you are a fan of angry birds and even any arcade game in general.

Play Dale & Peakot Unblocked

All you need to know about Dale & Peakot

Dale & Peakot unblocked is a very interesting game and you will feel it once you start playing it yourself. The game has a good storyline that gives this arcade game a good history and aim to follow.

Dale & Peakot Storyline

Dale & Peakot Unblocked, Dale & Peakot Hacked, Dale & Peakot Game

The game starts with the introduction of Dale, who is a farmer who has many hens. Dale is a hard working farmer and one night he is sleeping peacefully in his home when suddenly his window breaks and he comes out of his house only to see his all hens gone.

He finds a hole in the fens and then he sees the coyotes taking all his hens. He is only left with one hen whose name is Peakot. He finds a feather on the ground and when he picks it up he experiences a strong energy coming out of that feather. The feather connects them both in a bond and now Dale can control Peakot and order her to fly anywhere he wants.

Now both Dale & Peakot are out on a mission to find all the rest of the hens and take them back home, away from the coyotes that stole them from Dale. Peakot is the companion of Dale & Peakot in the unblocked game is always on the side of Dale and he can order her to move or fly on command.

How to Play Dale & Peakot Game?

Playing this arcade game is very simple and exiting. You have your basic controls, D to move forward and A to move back. W is to jump. You start with these controls when the game starts and you will be trained automatically to use different controls that operate different.

After you are mid way through with the level 1 of this game, you can press spacebar to make the character jump. Jump over the obstacles to get to the other side and keep moving forward.

After you have completed 75 % of the level 1, you can fire the gun that Dale has been carrying around from the beginning of the game. You will get many targets that you can kill using the gun. You will also see moving targets that you have to kill before they touch you because if they do, you lose health.

You get a good long health bar which does not get empty even if you make few mistakes. You have two bullets in your gun and when you fire them both you can reload by pressing R.

Dale & Peakot Unblocked, Dale & Peakot Hacked, Dale & Peakot Unblocked Game

Now you will be instructed to control the hen using the mouse to access controls that are far up or beyond your reach. The hen makes a shockwave when you double click anywhere.

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Thanks for reading about the Dale & Peakot unblocked game, it is pretty much all you will need to know about the hacked unblocked game, enjoy!

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