Play Don’t Whack Your Teacher Unblocked Game Online

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If you are just sick of your teacher and your teacher is giving you a hard time then Don’t Whack Your Teacher Unblocked game is the best way to take some of that anger out without getting yourself expelled or getting into jail. Don’t Whack Your Teacher Hacked Unblocked Game contains some explicit graphic content that you should be aware of before you go ahead and play it.

Play Don’t Whack Your Teacher Unblocked

Don’t Whack Your Teacher Game Online

Who doesn’t hate their teachers? But that does not mean we can fight with them hand so what can we do that will make our anger disappear and give us a little satisfaction. Then playing Don’t Whack Your Teacher unblocked is just the game that you should play in this situation.

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Well who will think of playing an arcade game to cool off their mind? But I strongly suggest you to do it because you are smart enough to know that anger can make you do a lot of horrible things and you do not want to jeopardize your academic record for a moment of rage.

Well after the serious talk it is necessary to tell you that it is not that serious game as it sounds, in fact I had fun playing this game even when I had no rage against my teacher whatsoever.

The graphics of the game are fairly nice considered it is an online arcade game and the animation is good. The black and white theme gives the game needed character and the only color in whole animation is the red color of the blood and read on to find whose blood I am talking about because that’s where it gets interesting.

Gameplay of Don’t Whack Your Teacher Unblocked game

The storyline of the game Don’t Whack Your Teacher is simple. Before the game you get a short animation in which the teacher is teaching in a classroom full of children and when he faces the blackboard one student stands up and throws a scale which is then jammed in the skull of the teacher and blood spilling from his head. This will give you pretty much the idea of the violence that you are about to witness while playing the game.

The game starts with the student, that’s you, sitting in the teacher’s office and the teacher is reading the report card of the student. The teacher says he is ashamed of the performance of the students and this makes the boy angry. Now you can choose different items that are present in the room to hit and then kill the teacher with. It’s nasty I admit, but funny and interesting as well.

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That is pretty much everything that you need to know about Don’t Whack Your Teacher unblocked game, thanks for playing it on our website and feel free to tell us how you felt about the game using the comment section below.

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