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Gangster’s Escape Unblocked game is one of the most mysterious games I have ever played. I can guarantee you that Gangster’s Escape Hacked Unblocked Game will make you think hard and when you solve the game completely, you will feel most satisfied.

Play Gangster’s Escape Unblocked

Gangster’s Escape Walkthrough and User Guide


The Gangster’s Escape unblocked game is sort of a mastery and it gets better with every passing moment. The main motive of the game is to escape from a room before someone catches him using the things he found in the room itself.

Gangster’s Escape Unblocked, Gangster’s Escape Hacked Unblocked Game

We have provided a step by step walkthrough user guide so that you can use it when you find yourself stuck at any point.

  1. First of all collect all the things that you find in the room. Start looking at the stage, pick up the gun. Now look closer at the stage, there’s something beneath those boards, but we’ll need some leverage to get them off. Go back and turn left.
  2. Now look at the bar. Take two beers and a glue from the bar. The chair in the middle looks a bit awkward. You can disassemble it to get the crane. Turn left. Look at the doors and pull the scissors from the right picture hanging on the wall. Take the crowbar that is holding the door.Gangsters Escape Unblocked, Gangsters Escape Hacked, Gangsters Escape Gameplay, Gangsters Escape Cheats
  3. The jukebox is not working so you’ll need some cash for it. Go back and turn left. Look at the tables. Pick up bullets from the left table and newspapers from the central table. Now collect the beer from the right table. Take a hat hanging on the right wall. Look closer at the plant. Looking at the plant. Remove the stones and take the tape. There’s something written on it. We’ll need that later.
  4. Go back and turn left to get to the stage again. Look at the stage floor. Use the crowbar to remove the boards from the floor. Combine the gun with bullets. Use the gun to break the chain on the box. Take the pump and the coins from the chest.
  5. Go back and turn right to get to the jukebox. Look at the jukebox, Insert a coin into the jukebox. By examining the newspapers and the tape, find a connection that reveals the names of the songs that should be played.
  6. Once you play the right songs, a key will popup. Take it. Go back, turn right and look behind the bar. Look at the trapdoor. Pick up an opener. Unlock the door on the floor. Climb down the stairs. Look at the car. Take the beers behind the car. Open them using the opener. Lift the car using the crane. Take the flat tire. Take a closer look at the box next to the stairs.
  7. Look at the box. Pour the beer into the box. Drop the tire inside. You can see where the tire leaks air. Cut a piece of fabric from the hat using scissors. Put some glue on the fabric. Patch the tire with sticky fabric. Move back. Look at the car. Pump up the tire using the pump. Put it back on the car. Open the car door by force and you are free!

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Thanks for playing Gangster’s Escape unblocked game on our site, feel free to check out the walk-through guide if you get stuck.

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