SEO Case Study: Ranking Multiple Sites on a Single Keyword

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Ranking multiple websites over Google on a single keyword has always been a fashion in SEO industry; for it’s ensures you that whichever result people click on, ultimately you get a conversion.

SEO Case Study by Bishal Biswas

It’s a very interesting subject that I have been always excited to write about – which is why a month back I had decided to do a public SEO case study where I would be ranking multiple sites on a single keyword with very little time invested and would breakdown the exact process to you on how I have done.

Overview of the SEO case study –

So in MunchEye caught my eye on an upcoming product launch by a well known affiliate in the industry on which the SEO case study is based on.

The keywords I had chosen was – “[Product Name]” & “[Product Name] Discount“.

Both is low competitive keyword with unknown search figure.

SEO Case Study, Ranking Multiple Sites SEO

Screenshot taken on 31st July, 2016.


These are what I had chosen to rank multiple keywords –

  1. An EMD – one pager website
  2. Few parasites & profiles which has been working good for me.

Parasites (aka Web 2.0 properties) is a loophole SEOs has been exploiting since very long time.

Almost in every niche you would see there’s a web 2.0 property ranking due to their massive authority.

Being that said, the niche I’ve recently started working on is totally dominated by properties.

It’s SEO Hack that makes you rank in a very short time without worrying about getting penalized or sandboxed.

These are the parasites I’ve used to rank (and their global ranking) –

[sociallocker id=”714″]

  1. (ranking #1 with [Product Name] Discount kwd & #8th with [Product Name] kwd)
  2. (ranking #6 with [Product Name] Discount kwd)
  3. (ranking #11 with [Product Name] Discount kwd)
  4. (ranking #12 with [Product Name] Discount kwd)
  5. (ranking #28 with [Product Name] Discount kwd)
  6. (ranking #7 with [Product Name] kwd)

Medium is working insane for me, be it download niche, amazon product, every time it has proved to be the best.


The link building technique:

Well the link building process was extremely simple. I had just cross-linked those websites with each another and nothing else.

  • Site A links to Site B, Site C, Site D.
  • Site B links to Site A, Site C, Site D.
  • Site C links to Site A, Site B, Site D.
  • Site D links to Site A, Site B, Site C.

Cross linking works great for me for it passes link juice to one another so as you hit on one, the rest’s ranking would influence.

While Medium ranked #3 in about 10 mins other parasites took some time.

Additional QA’s –

1 ) Did I get sandboxed despite link building from day 1?

No, there’s a strategy behind it which I would be revealing in next article – be ready.

2) Is this Web 2.0 method applicable for other niches?

Yes, it works. In almost any niche.

3) How you got your links indexed.

I just submitted it to Google, with regular submission method.

*For any doubts, comment below I would answer ’em all.

I managed ranking whole set of sites in few days and it’s good thing for the amount of time I spent on this was less than 3 hrs.

Having the keyword with very less competition I decided nothing else to do and wrap up the case study. Tho the set of rankings was enough to tell you how to do that, but I guess I might do further link building over those sites.

Since Medium is already on 1st page with very little link building done, I would hit PBN links to it and others to dominate top 3 slots.

Ranking & techniques of it were extremely simple. Presently I am working out on several mid competitive keywords – which includes some complex link building strategies which I hope would get your interest on. I would be doing a brief case study on it.

The site is already juggling 9-12th position with main keyword, apparently it will rank top #3 in about a week or two which would be followed up with a detailed case study.

Comment below if you’re interested in it and some feedback on this new blog 🙂

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Written by Bishal Biswas


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