– How to be Top #10 Player of Game?

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Admit it, game has been almost like a part of our lives. We often find ourself strategically planning on how to round off the snakes and eat up those orbs., Snake Game, Cheats, Hacks, Mods

Though I have just recently started playing snake game, I’ve been addicted to it ever since. There’s millions of players playing this game every day, and the one thing which is common between all of them is that – They want their name to pop there up in the Top 10 chart.

Don’t you?

There’s just one thing that blocks people from achieving that, know what I am talking bout?

I die with over 100k points, and even I die with as little as few thousand. There’s no certainty when you play

I would say, luckily, I have been able to consecutively be in that top 10 player list of this snake game.

And in this article, I would share with you the proven formula to strategically play this game in order to get into that top players list. 

How to be Best Player of Game?


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1) Start slow.

The game is neva’ ending, don’t get yourself in trouble by immediately starting to kill those snakes crawling around you.

You must know that you don’t have much power to cope up with them when you’re small.

Few people try to hit those biggest snakes out there when they are just a tinny lill’ shit.

In all, I am saying – just start by collecting those orbs around you, especially those that floats around. They allows you to quickly get bigger.

After you have gained a good length, start rounding off those small ones. And get bigger.

2) Practice mouse movements.

The way you move your mouse pointer decides the success of yours in this game.

You must understand that the snake don’t stop anywhere, but just keeps on crawling so often time when some one else tries to round you off, you need to make sure you’re quickly moving back, pressing left mouse tight to give speed boost and get away from it or kill that snake itself.

Yes, practice by moving your mouse left, right, back, boost, and learn to get that snake under your full control.

It’s then when you would be able to pass through the challenges, and kill ‘em off.

3) Don’t get mess into small snakes when you’re big.

What could be worst than getting yourself hit by a snake who just got started while you’re of those biggest snake playing out there, right?

There’s people who would crawl left and right, boost, and a lot of stuffs around you – just get away from that mess.

If too many people is competing together it’s better to move out from that and hit on those where it’s less noisy.

Reason? It’s better to be safe than sorry.

However, if you’re of those who don’t mind getting your snake killed into a big mess, then feel free to get into trouble.

Another thing, you must know, before rounding 3-4 people at once you should practice properly rounding for it may happen that you mistakenly hit those snakes by your head while  revolving around them. I’ve seen a lot of people doing this silly mistake and ultimately getting kicked off from this game. Don’t let this happen.

People would crawl around you when you’re rounding against them. So make sure as you get those orbs from those rounded snakes, find a good spot and leave from there. Or else those lill’ snakes might get you hit up by them when you try to move from there or might be that another snake is rounding you off.

Take care of that.

4) Calm.

Often time it happens you would find a huge snake killed by someone else and there’s a hell lotta orbs out there.

Don’t just simply boost up to get all those orbs.

You must know that it has been killed by someone else who’s too eating them.

They might not be in your map yet, but they are there.

So the best way to do is to practice mouse movement properly – they usually come straight so eat those orbs – as you see them just turn left and straight by boosting it and you can kill them off too and get their orbs.

I love doing it.

5) Don’t feel bad of loosing.

You must remember, it’s just a game.

Tho’ you might be the biggest, you may get ripped by a tiny lill’ snake and you gotta start all over from start again.

Happens. With all of us. Even with PewDiePie – the greatest video game player in the world *(adding a series of pun in this line).

Just enjoy it, nothing to worry. Eat, grow, die, and repeat. is a good game.

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And that’s pretty much all about it guys to be top 10 best player of game.

Do leave your comment below if you find it helpful 😉

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