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Love first person shooting games? Well who doesn’t and if you want to play a good first person shooting game online then just play the online arcade Sniper Team Unblocked game without having to go through the hassle of downloading and installing it on the computer you are using. Sniper Team Hacked Unblocked Game doesn’t have the best graphics in an action game that you have ever seen but it not completely worthless for that matter because most first person online shooting arcade games are.

Play Sniper Team Unblocked

All you need to know about Sniper Team

If you are a gamer then you know what you have to do in any first person shooting game, just stay with your team and get the mission successfully completed and Sniper Team isn’t any different too.

Sniper Team Storyline

The name of the unblocked game Sniper Team is, as you can see, self explanatory but to be precise it is the story of four snipers who are deserted in the middle of a war. The team has four shooters whose names are Lone Wolf, Ghost, Zero Dog and Hammer.

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All three snipers are at the base, a military base and they are surrounded by terrorists. The war is going on and the terrorists are constantly attacking the army base and the team of four snipers have to save the base by killing the terrorists.

Sniper Team Gameplay

The four snipers are sitting on a high ground from where they can see the entire base and all the soldiers as well as all the terrorists. The terrorists can hide behind the fens but are clearly visible when they stand up to shoot. You only see the sniper you are controlling when you are shooting or watching the grounds.

You being the player control all the four snipers. Yes, there is no computer mind helping your team, you have to manage all of the four snipers and kill the terrorists. You get five bullets per sniper and you can switch between any of the four snipers anytime between the games.

Quick tip, you can not shoot the terrorists without using the zoom function so use it to zoom on the location where you see the terrorists and shoot the enemy when you see them straight. You have to shoot every terrorist two times before they roll over and play dead and you get the credits of shooting him.

Sniper Team Unblocked Controls

The controls of the game are pretty basic. You move around the aim of the gun using your mouse and fire using the left click. You can zoom at the screen using spacebar. To switch between the four snipers use 1 – 4 buttons and press Esc to pause the game.

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